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Hi, And welcome to Simple Life in Norway!

My name is Anita, and I wil be your host for the time you spend here. I invite you to find your cosy chair or the corner of your sofa. Boil yourself a good cup of herbal tea or blend a green smoothie, and have a great time while you are here. Not to be afraid, I wil soon get you up on your feet with som workout inspiration.

First of all, who is Anita?
I am a young woman, aging 26
I am a mother of two beautifull boys aging 4 and 8
I`ve been blogging on different platforms since 2004, mainly on Norwegian

I have also managed two onlineshops and a forum for clothdiapers
My education from school says Skincare therapist, and I have a special degree in organic skincare. 
I used to work in The Body Shop in my younger days
I got a sertificate as a rawfood coach and nutritional lifestyle coach in 2009
I have been a manager, sales agent and a regionleader. 
What is Simple Living in Norway about?
Simple Living is about just that, to let go of your stressors, relax and live a life in bounty. I do not want to earn alot of money, so I can buy alot of stuff. Actually, I want to reduce the amount of stuff I have in my home and life.. I want to spend more time with my family and friends, not spend the time I have to buy new stuff or look for the things I have underneat all the other stuff. I also belive that kids as small as 8 months is not fitted for kindergarden, and are supposed to stay home with at least one parent for a while. In my ideal world there would be a group of families living on one place, so small and big kids can grow up in groups together, learning from one other, together with some grown ups.

Ok, thats all fine, but what wil you live on, you migth say.
I want a lifestyle where I can earn money from home, by the easy reason that life and health doesnt always get the same connections in life. You need money to survive, but you also need a good health to be able to work a 9-4 job. I want to do something I can be proud of doing. My main problem is that I want to do so much! I have so many dreams and goals in my life. My biggest dream to this day is to have a homestead with some wildsheeps, goats and a huge garden on.

                                                       Simple as in frugal you migth ask..
Yes, we do live frugally. I plan my menu by what we have at home first, and try to only shop at sales. Here in Norway we dont use coupons, otherwise I would be a cuoponing mom, I think.
In my younger days I made some stupid desicions with my money and I have som debt now, that I should not have. So for the last two years me and my husband have been budgeting, saving and paying down our debt. We have a little left, but our plan is to be totally debtfree within the end of this year. Since we dont have any house that we own we dont have a houseloan. We migth get one some day, but that will be to get our barn in fit shape, and to get good enough power in so we could have a real home and also bathroom in. Yes, we are living kind of off grind, with no water in our house and just enough power to heat the house to 18 degrees, and I also have to turn of the heat to make dinner :) Not perfect, but it suits us for some time to get the debt away. And also, its kind of campingstyle going to get the water and taking a shower in the house next door (my father in laws house)

In simple living I also think about simple nutrition, real whole foods. Oh boy how I love my sprouts, and how I want to try to make sourdoug, kefir and combucha. We do fish in the sea, and find berries in the woods. I eat superfoods like spirulina and chlorella. We tend to work out as a family out in the nature, and me and my husband work out in the gym. Oh, and we love to

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