Friday, December 28, 2012

Choosing to live more simple

Before we moved here, we lived in a huge house. Downstairs was more than enough for us, with a large washingroom, bathroom (only thing is, it lacked the battub i so want) two large bedroms, kitchen and living room with dining area. In addition to this there where three bedroms upstairs and a hughe hall. We tend do just use the upstairs for our mess. Yepp, we had so much space that we could store all things. ALL!!

It was expencive to heat up the house, since there where no fireplace. The heat just went up stairs, and I did not wanted to use the upstairs at all. It definately was a nice charming home, a little chabby chic, and rigth there by the sea and the old traditional bakery from early 1900 (no function there today)
In addition to heating we needed to pay rent for it, and to tell you the truth, we did not have the ammount of money to pay of our rent, power and to pay down our debts. We always putted of our debts, and they grow.

So, when we finaly decided to move here we live now, it was a huge turn for me. We now had twice as little room as we where used to. My bedroom just contains my bed, because there are no more room on the floor. The kids room is actually in a really good size. The living room, kitchen and dining area now are just as big as our kitchen was before. Oh, and we have no washingroom, no bathroom and just alittle storageroom.

We are blessed to have this opportunity, since we now dont pay any rent, and verry little power. We have furnished the whole house ourself, down to the walls we built to seperate the kitchen from the hall. We got the kitchen from a local freecycle, and it contains two dobble uppercabinets, and three cabinets, a small fridge and a small stove with only two plates. The living area is combined livingroom, and office. In the small storageroom we have a portable toilett. To use the shower we need to go to the neighbour (my father in law.) We have a wasingmachine, wich we share with my father in law and his family. No dryer. We have no dishwasher either. And we gave up the cable. The kids have a tv to watch in the livingroom, but there are only dvd`s and games on it. We also have no water in our house.

Now that we dont have anymore room to store our mess, you would think that we dont have any, rigth? Well, we have a cold basement. Perfectly for our canned goods. And, I`ve stored all the mess there. I really hate it! So, today I told my husband that I need to get my act together in the basement, to clean up the mess. I have so much clothes left from my two boys, and I also runned a onlineshop before, and I have a huge stock left that did not sell. My husband jokes that I dont need to buy more shampoo for the rest of my life. I think it`s true ;)
My organization goal for 2013 is to get rid of all the stuff left from my shop, and also give the leftover clothes from my boys to charity. Because, we want to start isloating the basement, so we can have an extra room there, and a bathroom. We definately want to have water input by the end of next year if not sooner.

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  1. I'd love to see pictures of your home!

    1. I wil definately get some pictures up. I was actually thinking of it when i wrote this post, but I could not find any nice pictures, and my husband is over at our barn these days making a suprise for me. (I am at my father in laws house because of the coooold we are having)

  2. Sell everything that you have in the mess and get yourself a fund going for the remodel. Shampoo can be used to wash dishes and clothing in a pinch. So use what you have very wisely and the debt will disappear faster.

    1. Thank you for your tips Robert.
      Yess, I wil definately try to sell of everything during the next weeks and even months. And when I am out of dishwashersoap, I wil definately use the shampoos :)