Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome to Simple Life in Norway

Hey there! Welcome here to this new blog at Simple Life in Norway!

I am a young mother from Norway, living on a small family homestead together with my husbands father and his family. I have two kids, DS8, and DS4.
There are no animals left on our homestead (except from our cat), but this place used to be a huge austrichfarm, and our home is the old hatcherybarn redesigned to a home. We currently do not have water in our sink, and we dont have a bathroom. We have to get water from the neighbour (the husbands father) and we use their toilet, washingmashine and shower. We also have a smaller amount of power that we used to have when living in a hughe house. That meaning that I have to turn of the heat to use the oven. It is kind of simple and "of grind", but I like it! We have been living like this for 1,5 years now, and we have saved alot on this.

I love the whole idea of living simple. I do belive that to much stuff is bad for us, and that it leads to stress. Stress is definately something I dont need. Back in 2010 i got adrenal fatigue, and are still trying to get the old me back. The combination between that, and that my oldest kid have behavioural problems (he actually have multiple diagnosis, but I have no clue what they are called in English) does that I am a stay at home mum at the moment, trying to recover and also trying to be the best mom I can for my kids. (Who doesnt, rigth?) I used to be a manager at a healthfood shop, and I do want to go back to some sort of working, but now is not the rigth time for me. I will definately try to make some kind income at home/online.

I am also a huge datanerd! I love computers, I love the internett, and I love blogging. Since 2004 I have been somewhat an internetmarketer, running my own multiple blogs (both on blogger and wordpress) had my own popular onlineboard with clothdiapers as a theme, runned multiple onlineshops (I also built and designed them) BUT! I have always done it in Norwegian, so I am challenging myself now, with this English thing here.

I love to garden, I love to fish, I love to sit and look out the window with a big cup of tea, I love herbs, I love food, I love nature and camping, I love to redesing and reuse things, I love to make menuplans, and Oh how I love to save money.

I think this cap me up in a bottle, but I am sure you wil get to know me better when you read on in this blog.

I also want to get to know my readers. Hwo are you? Where do you live, and what are your dreams?

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