Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 in a review

I actually just started blogging here, but I have been blogging for some years in my mother language Norwegian, and I tend to have a year in review post over there, so I decided I needed one here to. 

January: I had just started my newest job as a manager. I actually started it in october 2011, but my contract was signed in january. I had been working there before, with different owner, and I was dreaming for this job, the full-time manager job, daytime and all!

February: Oh, the fun starts at school. Or, to say it the other way, it allready had been there for a long time, but in February we started the action to get my son to learn something. Our cat was born.

March; My husbands grandmom died. I throwed my first rawfood class. Our car broke down totall. 

Weleda cupcakes at a get-together at work in march. The glaze is made out of Weledas popular rosecream.
April: My son got his first diagnose. We got our cat home! He is called Buzz Ligthyear. Over easter the fun also started at work!

May: We traveled by plain to a foreign city to buy a new car, on the way home we got the news that our old neighbour Alexander Dale Oen (the swimmer) had died, only 26 years old. I started on a class to become a rawfood coach. My birthday, turning 26. Oh, how my husband supriced me with a camping trip, just the two of us! And I also had the first meeting at work regarding all the mess.

The wiew from the campingplace me and my husband went on my birthay-suprice.
June: Went to the countryside (my cottage) and stayed there almost the whole month. Was sick from work. Went vegan for two weeks. My new nephew was born.

July: On the 3th, I quitted my job! Still stayed in the countryside. Broke the vegan thing by eating chicken buffalo wings at Dolly Dimples.

August: School starts the 16th. DS4 also started his new kindergarden that day. A new and big kindergarden. My husband got a new baby sister.

I actually made my own favorite flower in the flowerbed I made out of an old wheelbarrow.
September:  We got a call on the 20th, about a hospital stay for me and my son, we needed to anwear rigth away if we wanted it, because we neded to go in on the 27th.

October: For the whole month of october we stayed indors at the hospital. Finnished on November the 1th, with three new diagnoses for my son.

November: Went by beiing sick all the time. Both me and the kids. Started seiing a familytherapist to help us with our oldest sons diagnoses and problems. My husband started working again. We brougth a second car for my husbands firm. School was just worsening for my son.

Desember:  Found out that the room we stayed in on the hospital for 7 weeks was infected, and now closed due to health risk, no wonder I am sick all the time. My husbands grandpa died. We moved in to my father in laws house while they where away on holliday because it was -15 degrees outside and our barn was cold inside to.

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