Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home organizing in 2013

A new year is fast aproaching, and I`ve told myself that 2013 is going to be my year!
My home, no mater how long we are going to stay, is becomming just that, my home. I want to get more pictures up on the wall, make the house more comfy, organize it and make it the way I (we) want it to bee.

At the moment, my husband is setting up a fireplace for me, I have no idea where in the living room it wil be, but I have my suspicions. I think it will be a blessing for us to have up a fireplace in our home, since this winter is verry cold and we had to have our two boys in our room at nigth to keep the warm up. These days we are staying in my father in laws house, while they are away on holliday, so we can put in the fireplace, and isolate the floor from underneat. 

My husband is also making me a huge suprice. He has been carrying woodplanks, and tools in to our home, and I cant look. It is killing me. But he says it is something I really want, so I cross my fingers for a readingnook in the kitchen or a chicken coop. Cant understand why he would bild a chicken coop inside thougth, so I`m hoping for the first. 

My organizingplans during 2013
My plan is to tackle every room in our house, and get rid of everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) that we dont use, love or need. I am going to try to sell of must of the things, but will be giving away or even throwing some things. And then, when spring comes we wil also tackle the garden. And I wil try to blog about the whole process, from the before pictures, during and finished pictures, and even counting sold products and earnings from this. 

My plan: 

Living room
If the fireplace is set where I wanted it, I want to try to rearange the furnitures to see if that could make it more cozy. That way we could have the warm from the fireplace in the seating area, and not just the dining area. I also want to ad a picture list over the sofa, and have som cabinets over there again for books, papers etc. An extended officeplace axtually. Oh, and I want to have cds there too. But, first I need to go through them, try to save some that has been ripped by the kids, and get away all the stuff we dont use at a regular time.

Like this, picturelist and bookshelves.

Me and my husbands bedroom
I`ve told you before. There is not much moore room than the bed on the floor in this room. But we do have shelves on the wall for storing towels, bedlinens etc. I also want to have my jewlery here, and have seen a cute sulution for storing those on Pineterest. Making a frame of some lists we have left from the redecoration last year, and having chickenwire inside. I have all that stuff just lying around. 

The kids room
We need more storage for their schoolsupplies and hobby stuff. I am thinking of letting them help me make small storage from old spraypainted cans. I also think we need to purge good through their toys and make a little extra room in the basement for a box of toys to take out during summer, or something like that. Also we need something like a dresser/drawer underneath their desk. 
Not quite how I see it, but somewhat like it anyway. Storage under desk.

The hall.
My hall is just perfect at the moment. I need to purge through the cabinets, and drop of the textiles that are too old, to used out, to big etc to charity, and I also wants some more pictures. Other than that, its perfect. 

The storage room upstairs.
I have no Idea where to start on this one. I need more shelves, and I need to throw out half of whats in here, i think. 

The kitchen. 
If my husband are making me a reading nook now, I dont need to do anything about that. If he is not, than I am thinking about making it out of an expedit bokshelve from IKEA, and lots of pillows. The area is somewhat idiotic, so I need to make mesurings etc.
I also need to take everything out of the cupboards and rearange it. I cant have on cupboard with everything stored in tigth. Also, the plates we use one-two times a year can be stored somewhere else. 

The diningarea
This also does not need any work. It is just plain the table with foldingchairs since we dont have room for ordinary. If I need to do something here, I would paint the table white. 

The little home office
This one actually is in our kitchen. On the other side of the cupboards, next to the reading nook. And at the moment we have only one small desk here, and a blackboard. Nothing more. We need bookshelves for storing our accounting, both personal and business. I need room for my sewingmachine, and I need space for my scrappingsupplies. 

The basement
This room is like the whole problemarea. Here we store everything we dont need. As I mentioned earlier I have shampoo for a lifetime supply down there after I closed my shop. This wil be the big tackling place. I need to go throug all of the stuff. I need to sell away the good stuff. I need to donate my kids old clothes to charity. I need to get the nostalgic stuff like the bunkbed my grandpa made for my mother and her sister to our familys farmhouse. And I need to get the junk out!
There is also a little room down in the basement. Its perfect for a small pantry. (Have I told you I dream of a pantry!) Check out my pantry inspiration on Pinterest.

This is how my pantry can look like. Who can do some magic tricks for me?
And this could be the door for my pantry. LOVE!

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